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Our Stained Glass Creations

Where artistic dreams and visions come to life

Authentic Stained Glass
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Stained Glass Windows

Unique and beautiful stained glass windows custom made-to-order in any shape, size or color.  At A Glass Menagerie, we create authentic stained glass windows in any shape, size, or color. Our skilled artisan uses the timeless Tiffany technique to craft each window, turning it into a captivating canvas of light and color.

Our stained glass windows enhance various settings, from cabinet inserts to transoms and hanging panels. Cabinet inserts bring artistry to your kitchen, transoms and sidelights introduce elegance, and hanging panels become captivating focal points through vibrant colors and intricate designs.

Each piece is a work of art, infused with tradition and handcrafted artistry. Learn more about our stained glass windows and explore the artistry of glass.

Step into a World of Color

Stepping Stones

Handcrafted mosaic glass stepping stones for your garden or pathway.  Step into a World of Color and Imagination at A Glass Menagerie with our exquisite mosaic stepping stones. Crafted with hand-cut glass, each stone is a vibrant tapestry inspired by the wonders of nature. Designed to add charm and artistry to your garden or outdoor space, these stepping stones celebrate the diversity and beauty of the natural world. Walk on a canvas of colors, shapes, and textures, transforming your outdoor spaces into inspiring landscapes that invite you to savor every moment and step.

Gorgeous garden stepping stone path

Stained Glass Pet Portraits

Capture the essence of your beloved pet in a stunning portrait in glass.   At A Glass Menagerie, we specialize in creating timeless pet portraits. Our dedicated artist, with a passion for pets, brings these cherished moments to life through the beauty of stained glass, using your pet's photos as the inspiration.
These unique pet portraits can be crafted in a variety of shapes, including round, square, rectangle, or octagon, allowing you to choose a style that perfectly complements your pet's personality.

Whether you want to memorialize a beloved pet or celebrate your current furry family member, our pet portraits are a beautiful way to cherish their memory and the joy they bring to your life.  Email us your photos to request your own portraits.

Stained glass Boxer dog portrait
Pet Portrait in Glass

Step into a world of radiant color and enchanting melodies as we showcase how your stained glass dreams are created.

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